Bespoke Furniture with Distinction

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Having learned the skill from bespoke Furniture Maker’s in Germany and in addition received tutoring by old Artisan’s of the Trade. As a result Stefan has been able to work on prestigious projects throughout Europe and the UK.

Working in London as a Joiner and Furniture Designer

After years of working alongside the German distinguished Cabinet Maker’s, Stefan had gained a wealth of experience in the field of bespoke furniture manufacture. The London market for bespoke Kitchens, Wine Cellars, Wardrobes and bespoke Bookcases inspired him to engage in Furniture Design. While then working in and around London, Stefan started to develop his ability of Furniture Design. He already had knowledge of CAD design suites which he learned during his time in Germany. We have have seen many Designers with ability to do great design but missing the practical knowledge of what is achievable. Due to Stefan’s experience as a Cabinet Maker private Clients appreciate his Furniture Designs. With all this in mind we are able to offer a “one stop shop” Experience.

The Beginnings of Bespoke Furniture Company

After all these years Stefan was keen to learn and experience new things. Soon after, a chance opened up to assist in building a Church. He took this offer with excitement to spend more time with other Christians and grow in his new found faith in Jesus Christ. Upon completion of building the church, Stefan starts up his own business. The Vision of the business is, to bring the all the wealth of experience, skill and eye for perfection in details to the UK market. Since then our reputation is to be on the forefront of new Innovations and delivering superior craftsmanship combined with individual Furniture Design to our Clients.

Handcrafted in York, England

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We are a York based small business which specializes in bespoke furniture design and manufacture. We work with Interior Designers, Architects and Individuals to create outstanding and well thought through pieces of bespoke furniture. As part of our portfolio, we also create fitted Kitchens, bespoke Bookcases or Studies, full Bedrooms or bespoke Wardrobes, Chest of Drawers and any other kind of bespoke Furniture. We are dedicated to handcraft the highest quality furniture from solid wood and other materials relating to our trade. As part of our commitment to excellence we are continually researching new materials, hardware and techniques.

Working for you as Cabinet Maker and Furniture Designer

Our design process starts by understanding the vision and requirements which the client has. We will then design in accordance with the specification given. The initial design will then need reviewing for approval or alterations. The presentation happens during the design meeting. Alternatively we can also send the drawings by email in order for you to review it in your own time. After this meeting we will go back and make the changes discussed in the meeting. Once the changes are complete, a production slot will be scheduled. Due to the personal level communication, we are able to tailor each piece uniquely to the taste and style chosen.

The Bespoke Furniture Company

a Trading Name for Baumer Woodworking Ltd

Unit 2

61 Osbaldwick Lane

York, YO10 3AY